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Virtual Workshops

Let's get together (virtually) and use this time to explore new ways to connect with ourselves and with others. Through a series of activities and discussions the purpose of these workshops is to get connected, find community and have some fun!

Workshops are a great opportunity for folks outside of Ottawa who have wanted to participate in our past in-person events. By bringing our intentional community space online we open the doors for totally new faces and experiences.

Workshop Hosts

Through our past workshops we are becoming more and more aware of just how important these spaces are. Our individual histories come together to create truly magical experiences for those who are involved.

Sydney Dean | Registered Professional Counsellor Candidate | Thoughts Undone
With a background in psychology, gender and women's studies, and professional counselling Sydney has a gift for helping people learn how to tap into the vulnerable and uncomfortable parts of themselves without resistance or judgement. 



The level of sharing or depth you dive into in these workshop settings is always up to you. Every moment is completely voluntary! 

Most people in attendance feel some degree of anxiety / nervousness about what is to come (but leave feeling absolutely refreshed and connected!). We ask that you show up with full respect for each human being, their experiences and the depth they are / aren't willing to share.

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