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In my practice, I help folks identify and understand the negative and self-limiting stories that they tell themselves. Often, these stories, or negative thought loops, keep people from living the lives that they desire due to the feelings of anxiety or sense of being ‘stuck’ that they produce. I advise folks in emotion regulation skills and techniques that can help them manage their emotions and navigate their situations, which can lead to more calm and grounded experiences.

I value individual experiences and the perspectives they create, personal discovery, growth, self-acceptance, finding comfort in discomfort, connection, relationships, and communication. I strongly believe that people can find their own answers and live a life that genuinely feels aligned with what they desire. I know that I can’t solve all the problems or know all the answers, but I may have a suggestion or two that can help on the journey.

I use a variety of techniques, such as emotion regulation, therapeutic writing, mindfulness-based practices, and coping skills development.

I have experience in and a special interest in using these techniques to help in alternative relationships, anxiety, self-esteem, LGBTQ+ identities and experiences, polyam/non-monogamy, and self-confidence.

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