Turn Inward, Together

Thoughts Undone Counselling is an Ottawa-based counselling hub that offers virtual services throughout Ontario, Canada, for emotional regulation, self-esteem, self-confidence, anxiety, mindfulness, and LGBTQIA+ experiences and identities. Our providers aim to help you grow curious towards and compassionate for yourself.

Our Services

  • New Clients

  • Initial Phone Consultation

    Book your initial 20 minute phone consultation to see if Thoughts Undone Counselling is the right fit for you.

  • Existing Clients

  • Counselling Session

    Book your individual 50 minute counselling appointment. For clients approved upon following the initial phone consultation. All sessions are conducted online.


Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 902-759-5952

Email: thoughtsundonecounselling@gmail.com

Online services only - available throughout Ontario, Canada

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